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Tiger Woods Can’t Earn Trust with Words…He Can with Actions over Time

Before Tiger Woods’ statement today, I wrote the following comment in Peter’s Shankman’s blog that made the point the “We need Tiger more than he needs us:”

“Tiger would be wise to say, ‘I know I can’t win anyone’s trust at a press conference. I have to earn it over time. I have to earn it first with my wife. Over time I promise to earn that trust with my fans. Don’t give it to me quickly. Make me earn it, so I make the changes I need to make. I can’t change the past, I can and will change my future. Thankfully, just like golf, the future comes one day at a time. That’s how I’m taking it–one day at a time.’ Just like Kobe Bryant, if he means and lives it, Tiger will be back stronger. Like all of us, Tiger is human, but people everywhere want people to overcome personal struggles. You are right, Tiger will be Tiger…more human….but still Tiger.”

After watching Tiger’s comments, I was pleased to see Tiger address the world. He asked for forgiveness, and America will provide that over time as his actions earn a renewed respect. He stood up for his wife’s innocence in attacking him and shared her statement that she is not interested in his words but in his actions. By putting his family first, taking all of the blame for his irresponsible actions and returning to treatment, he has started his journey to reclaim the integrity we had assumed was there.

Optimism is not about hype or unrealistic expectations. Optimism comes from a track record of obstacles. Tiger has been able to do that on the golf course; now, he must do that in life.

Life is like a moving vehicle with no reverse. You can’t go back. Tiger can’t go back. But just as a golfer must let go of the last hole, Tiger is going to have to get out of the rearview mirror and focus on building a new, more responsible future for his family and for himself. I hope he does that. I believe that he will. Time will tell.

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