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America’s Optimism Is Based on Our People not Politicians

According to USA Today’s survey reported February 15th, (, what makes Americans optimistic about our country’s long-term history is our belief in the strength and will of our people. That belief outweighs our confidence in President Obama, 35% to 5%. Our optimistic belief in the American Dream anchors our culture in true hope and change.

Both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama came to the Presidency in a time of economic distress on the wings of a message of optimism. One man chose to believe in the American people, limited spending, cut taxes and unleashed the power and potential of American capitalism that helped usher in over twenty years of prosperity and pride. The other came to power promising hope and change, but his optimism was based on a belief in government’s ability to meet the needs of citizens with stimulus packages, bailouts, jobs bills, and cash for clunkers. The result—we face the biggest deficit in history, sustained unemployment and the promise of stagflation looming on the horizon.

What was the size of Ronald Reagan’s stimulus package when facing the recession he inherited from President Carter? That’s a trick question. There were no stimulus packages. Reagan gave us the secret to his success in 1992: “I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidence, rather than your doubts.”

President Obama doesn’t understand America’s strength. Our power comes not from politicians but from workers, leaders and private sector entrepreneurs who keep the dream alive. Instead of over-regulating, taxing and otherwise punishing the people who make the private sector work, President Obama should free them to compete and reap the fruits of their labor. We don’t need another jobs bill; we need a president that believes in America again.

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