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A Negotiation Opportunity on the Way to Optimism

Optimism isn’t just a positive attitude; it involves constructive skills put into action to achieve results. One critical skill for your personal and professional life is the art and skill of effective negotiation.

As I share in The Optimism Advantage, “Developing strategic competencies becomes a powerful tool for inventing a profitable future. One thing worse than training people and losing them, is not training them and keeping people who aren’t prepared for the future you want to create!” If you want to get the right job or keep the one you have, become an effective negotiator.

Robert McGarvey once said, “When your mind is open, mentors are everywhere.” Well, have I got some mentors for you today!

If you have ever had a feeling in the pit of your stomach before a negotiation because you felt you were about to leave a pile of money on the table, you might very well be suffering from what some have labeled “Negotiaphobia.”

In today’s competitive and challenging economy, EVERYBODY can profit from learning better negotiation skills. Two mentors worth listening to are Don Hutson and George Lucas, authors of the new book, The One Minute Negotiator. This great resource provides simple steps to reach better agreements on and off the job. Here are four gems worth putting into practice:

1. Most people make the mistake of going to “Compromise” too quickly which can be very costly! Go to compromise when: it is late in the negotiation, the spread in positions is small, and you can tie it to an immediate resolution;

2. Most negotiation trainers teach either win-win or win-lose tactics; Our model has four strategies each of which we suggest using when you deem it appropriate: Avoidance; Accommodation; Competition; Collaboration;

3. Let the other side put a number on the table first unless you have a firm rate card you must follow;

4. Don’t contract “Negotiaphobia”! Plan in advance for every negotiation, and go in confidently; Lucas and I have often said that the “Negotiaphobics” of the U. S. have left enough money on the table to pay off our national debt!

If you act , now, you get more than advice. The authors are offering you a special deal you can’t afford to refuse! Buy their book now through their special offer and get $30 for every $1 you spend. That’s a GREAT return on your investment!

Here’s what Hutson and Lucas have promised to provide. You’ll get:

* (52) VideoZine Tips: weekly 90-second video tips on how to be a better negotiator. (Value: $149)

* (4) Twenty Minute Teleseminars on negotiation strategies, tactics, and tips. (Value: $495)

You’ll get Total Value of $644 just for buying one book, The One Minute Negotiator! To get these bonus benefits, order your copy at a special price now:

To get your take advantage of the short videos and teleseminars, just forward a copy of your email receipt to and they will enter you into the BONUS PACKAGE program immediately!

To get a feel for the book and the authors, watch Don & George’s short interview on CBS. Go to, but whatever you do, consider taking advantage of this offer while it lasts.

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