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Living Simply Promotes Optimism and More Time to Live

Jeff Davidson’s newest book, Simpler Living, gives you a blueprint for taking back control of your living space. After all, The Optimism Advantage isn’t just about managing your attitudes; it’s about shaping your world in a way that promotes optimism, opportunity and simple living. Demanding more and more possessions and money in order to become happy seldom has the effect of actually creating the happiness you desire.
Far too many people spend years gathering more things to fit into increasingly bigger houses only to spend their later years getting rid of things and craving simplicity and satisfying relationships.

Why wait? Claim a little more simplicity now; avoid the wasted cost and stressful aggravation involved in competing for who can own the most toys and the biggest mansion. Writing commentary from Kentucky in the early years of our country, Francis Johnson wrote: “If we fasten our attention on what we have, rather than on what we lack, a very little wealth is sufficient.”

When our son traveled with some other teenagers on his first service mission to Mexico, he came home with a surprising observation. He had expected before he left that he would find children living in poverty to be unhappy.
But as he watched these young people entertain themselves with makeshift toys and teens play on dirt fields, he saw more smiles, joy and laughter than he did with teens from home.

The most satisfying simple pleasures seldom involve accumulating more things. You think you have more possessions, but those possessions in many ways have you. Mark Sanborn reinforces that insight when he says, “You can’t have it all, but when you know what is important, you don’t want it all anyway.” Oh, so true.

But practical help is on the way. Jeff Davidson and Mark Victor Hansen’s Simpler Living provides practical help in reclaiming the joy of simple living. In a world overflowing with unnecessary clutter and confusion, Jeff takes you room by room and checklist by checklist to help you take back control of your living space. Simpler Living provides more than 1,500 easy, specific tips and techniques for cutting back, paring down, and breathing easier–without sacrificing the quality of life you deserve. Every page is filled with practical ideas to take back control of your house, car and office. Add it to your library today and get started on your simple living campaign.

If you want added information, don’t forget to take advantage of his Breathing Space Blog for ongoing support and suggestions.

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