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Does the “Queen of Optimism” Need to Give Up Her Optimism or Persist with Realistic Expectations?

by Terry Paulson on Aug 21, 2009 Category: Uncategorized

Fellow speaker Sherrin Ross Ingram ( has a newsletter worth checking out. One of her subscribers emailed her with this message: I’ve been consistently positive and optimistic (I’m known in my family as the “Queen of Optimism”) about improving my financial situation, but there has been practically no improvement. Do you think it is possible for my optimism to actually be a delusion that I entertain myself with?”

Let me expand on my reply to Sherrin on facebook: “Optimism is not tied to Pollyanna thinking. In fact, optimists have been found to be realists. They like to know bad news early, so they can get busy trying to overcome the obstacles in front of them. Optimism comes from a track record of overcoming obstacles. The more you have overcome, the more you believe you can do that again. That is not to say that one will always get what they want. If 100 optimistic sales reps are going after the same account, only one gets the account. Optimists stay in the game in pursuit of the best batting average possible. NO becomes ON spelled backwards. They persist and keep looking for open doors.

The “Queen of Optimism” is not alone. Many are feeling frustrated by the current economic challenge. Those optimists who made it through the depression came out so strong. They knew they could handle the worst life can throw them. The trick is to keep Investing worry time in constructive action. Doing nothing produces predictable results….nothing! Let me end with the words of Wayne Gretzky:“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

If you have questions you’d like asked, write me at Now, what suggestions would you give the “Queen of Optimism?”

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