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Circles® Helping People Out of Poverty and Into Earned Optimism

Circles® Helping People Out of Poverty and Into Earned Optimism

True optimism is earned. No one can give it to you. That is the problem with caring that translates into dependency trapping entitlements. But Circles® is a community-based initiative that is bringing hope to those in poverty who want...

by Terry Paulson on Jul 25, 2014
Category: Uncategorized

With Gratitude Every Day Becomes Thanksgiving

With an annual day set aside for Thanksgiving, it’s easy to try to cram gratitude into one day. But why not cultivate the habit of daily gratitude to make every day Thanksgiving? Dennis Prager, author of Happiness Is a Serious...

by Terry Paulson on Nov 25, 2013
Category: Uncategorized

Take Advantage of this “17 Principles of Success” Opportunity

Dear Optimistic Achiever, I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate the interest you’ve shown in the ideas I have shared with you on this blog. your interest means a lot to me. As a thank you, I’d like to...

by Terry Paulson on Oct 16, 2013
Category: Uncategorized

Overcoming Adversity Produces Strength

Protective cocoons may work for caterpillars, but they don’t work for people. Shielding yourself from all of life’s natural pains and setbacks doesn’t allow you to gain the confidence that you need to cope with the even bigger challenges...

by Terry Paulson on Aug 09, 2013
Category: Uncategorized

Those Regularly Attending Religious Services Are More Optimistic

Churchgoers are more likely to be optimistic. A new study published in the Journal of Religion and Health, found that those women who attend church, synagogue or any other religious service regularly have better chances of having a positive...

MITRE’s Nano Kids Have a Real-World Impact

MITRE’s Nano Kids Have a Real-World Impact

Sometimes, you find best practices in action that give you hope for the future in the midst of the negative economic and political realities we face daily in the mainstream media. One such best practice comes to us from...

“Pocket Paulson” Podcast Provides Motivation On Demand

“Pocket Paulson” Podcast Provides Motivation On Demand

Want to enjoy a few minutes with a high content, motivator who will help you leverage optimism to make change work no matter what your age or role, try subscribing to my new podcast, the Pocket Paulson! You’ll enjoy...

Optimistic Wisdom I Wish I’d Learned as a Teenager

So many times, adults tell me, “I wish I had learned this as a teenager!” As a gift to today’s young adults, I want to share with you some wisdom worth learning. We all know that you hold our...

Star in Your Own Positive Soap Opera!

Star in Your Own Positive Soap Opera!

When I wrote The Optimism Advantage, I observed how modern-day-living has a way of reinforcing how little you control, making it far too easy to become a victim. Victims feel that they can’t do anything to make a difference...

UCLA’s John Wooden Leaves a Legacy of Love and Faith

UCLA’s John Wooden Leaves a Legacy of Love and Faith

On June 4th, John Wooden, arguably the greatest college basketball coach of all time, went to be with his maker at the age of 99. In Jim Tunney’s Chicken Soup for the Sportsman’s Soul, I wrote about the Wizard...

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